• Celebrity Salary Clock Celebrity Salary Clock
    Discover how much celebrities and you earn in the same amount of time. And prepare to get depressed.
  • What's My Name? What's My Name?
    Find out your blues name, Star Wars name, movie star name, and heavy metal band name.
  • Cool Sites: 1997 Cool Sites: 1997
    Go back in time to 1997 and see what a typical personal web page looked like then. Best viewed with Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer.
  • Pong Pong
    Try your hand with Pong, the first successful video game you could play in your own home.
  • Super Bowl Logo Quiz Super Bowl Logo Quiz
    Test your knowledge of Super Bowl logos by matching the logo to the to the correct Super Bowl. Are you up to the challenge?
  • The Most Common English Words Quiz The Most Common English Words Quiz
    Can you can guess the 100 most common English words in only 10 minutes? Find out now.
  • Unicode EmoticonsUnicode Emoticons
    Copy and paste these unique Unicode Emoticons in your emails and IMs. ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶
  • Know-It-Ball Know-It-Ball
    Think of a yes-or-no question and the Know-It-Ball will provide you the answer.
  • War of the WordsWar of the Words
    How many results do two words or phrases get when searched in Google or Bing? Set them up and let them duke it out to see who wins!

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