How much do some famous people earn every second? And how does that compare with how much you earn in the same time period? Simply enter your annual salary, select a celebrity from the drop down and use the Compare button to compare the two.

See in real time how quickly their salary racks up compared to the rate yours does. And to pour salt on the wound, find out how long you have to work to earn enough money to buy items versus how long it takes the celebrity you selected to do the same. And prepare to be depressed.

Enter your Annual Salary:
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Average Item Cost and Time to Earn

Below is a list of various items and their average cost and the comparison of how long it would take you and the selected celebrity to earn enough to buy the same items. Any weeks listed in the "time to earn" columns refer to a 40 hour work week.

Icons for Bread, Gasoline, Movie Ticket, TV, Smartphone, Electrical outlet, Credit Card, Auto, Mortarboard, and House
Item Cost Your Time To Earn Celebrity Time To Earn
Loaf of white bread $1.36
Gallon of gasoline $3.65
Movie ticket $8.13
Monthly cable bill $69.70
New smartphone $270.00
Yearly electric bill $1,158.00
Credit card debt
Average debt
New car $30,748.00
Four years private college
(Tuition, room, and board)
New house $291,200.00
Celebrity list and salaries updated June 30, 2014.