Select a year then see if you can name the title and artist of the song that gave us these lyrics. If you need a hint, you can listen to the lyric by clicking the link next to it.

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  1. Answer Your guitar it sounds so sweet and clear
    Superstar  by Carpenters
  2. Answer Time passes much too quickly when we're together laughing
    Beginnings  by Chicago
  3. Answer And soon my tears they will be falling like rain
    Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling  by Fortunes
  4. Answer One child grows up to be somebody that just loves to learn
    Family Affair  by Sly & The Family Stone
  5. Answer I dig snow and the rain and the bright sunshine
    Draggin' The Line  by Tommy James
  6. Answer But you know you'll break my heart when I watch you close that door
    Don't Pull Your Love  by Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds
  7. Answer Give me one more try before you give up on love
    One Bad Apple  by Osmonds
  8. Answer Everyday she takes her morning bath, she wets her hair
    Another Day  by Paul McCartney
  9. Answer I'd buy a big house where we both could live
    Your Song  by Elton John
  10. Answer Lay your head upon my pillow
    For The Good Times  by Ray Price
  11. Answer And if I ever lose my legs, I won't moan, and I won't beg
    Moon Shadow  by Cat Stevens
  12. Answer Just like a paperback novel, the kind the drugstores sell
    If You Could Read My Mind  by Gordon Lightfoot
  13. Answer Winter, spring, summer or fall
    You've Got A Friend  by James Taylor
  14. Answer Well I'm New York City born and raised
    I Am I Said  by Neil Diamond
  15. Answer What I've got they used to call the blues
    Rainy Days And Mondays  by Carpenters
  16. Answer Let the devil take tomorrow
    Help Me Make It Through The Night  by Sammi Smith
  17. Answer Misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye
    Take Me Home, Country Roads  by John Denver
  18. Answer Another tank of gas and back on the road again
    Me And You And A Dog Named Boo  by Lobo
  19. Answer We've got a lifetime to share
    For All We Know  by Carpenters
  20. Answer Used to be my life was just emotions passing by
    Baby I'm-A Want You  by Bread
  21. Answer Can the ocean keep from rushing to the shore
    It's Impossible  by Perry Como
  22. Answer I'd like to know, can you tell me, please don't tell me
    Questions 67 and 68  by Chicago
  23. Answer Who is the man that would risk his neck for his brother man
    Theme From Shaft  by Issac Hayes
  24. Answer War is not the answer for only love can conquer hate
    What's Going On  by Marvin Gaye
  25. Answer That have the right amount of letters, just the right sound
    Cherish  by David Cassidy
  26. Answer In the winter of sixty five, we were hungry just barely alive
    The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down  by Joan Baez
  27. Answer The future won't last, it will soon be your tomorrow
    It Don't Come Easy  by Ringo Starr
  28. Answer You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one
    Imagine  by John Lennon
  29. Answer One floor below me you don't even know me
    Knock Three Times  by Dawn
  30. Answer A pretty lady looked at me and said her diamond watch had stopped cold dead
    Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is  by Chicago
  31. Answer Peace on Earth was all it said
    One Tin Soldier (The Legend Of Billy Jack)  by Coven
  32. Answer I hear the pitter-patter of little people on the living room rug
    Saturday Morning Confusion  by Bobby Russell
  33. Answer Hands across the water, heads across the sky
    Uncle Albert - Admiral Halsey  by Paul McCartney
  34. Answer Ooo baby, when I see your face, mellow as the month of May
    I Feel The Earth Move  by Carole King
  35. Answer Take a look at yourself and you can look at others differently
    Put Your Hand In The Hand  by Ocean
  36. Answer No one said a word about the sorrow
    How Can You Mend A Broken Heart  by Bee Gees
  37. Answer The dog up and died, he up and died
    Mr. Bojangles  by Nitty Grittty Earth Band
  38. Answer He's either playing card or drinking at the bar
    Want Ads  by Honey Cone
  39. Answer I was sixteen, he was twenty one
    Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves  by Cher
  40. Answer See your face, I can hear your voice, I can almost touch you
    Sweet City Woman  by Stampeders
  41. Answer Along with the sunshine there's got to be a little rain sometime
    Rose Garden  by Lynn Anderson
  42. Answer Taught their English to our young
    Indian Reservation (Lament of The Cherokee Indian)  by Raiders
  43. Answer But just remember there's a lot of bad and beware
    Wild World  by Cat Stevens
  44. Answer I can leave her on her own knowing she's okay alone
    She's A Lady  by Tom Jones
  45. Answer Jeremiah was a bullfrog
    Joy To The World  by Three Dog Night
  46. Answer Should I bring him down, should I scream and shout?
    I Don't Know How To Love Him  by Helen Reddy
  47. Answer It's late September and I really should be back at school
    Maggie May  by Rod Stewart
  48. Answer The words will never show the you I've come to know
    If  by Bread
  49. Answer I'd rather give my love to a poor guy that has a love that's true (oh yeah)
    Mr. Big Stuff  by Jean Knight
  50. Answer His brain is squirming like a toad
    Riders On The Storm  by Doors