During the 1970s so called "story songs" reached their peak of popularity. The songs tended toward the dramatic, with infidelity, revenge, violence, mental instability, and death as common themes. The songs listed below—resembling three minute musical soap operas—are representative of the genre. And though the vast majority were hits in the 1970s, the release dates of these selected songs range from 1960 to 1992. See if you can guess the song title and artist based on the summary of the plots of these story songs. Once you have gone through them, check your answers.

Story Songs - Name the Song Title and Artist

  1. A dying man reminisces and says goodbye to his friend from childhood, his father, and Michelle.
  2. After a reading from a fortuneteller in New Orleans, a wife discovers her husband has been cheating on her with the same fortuneteller. Angered by her discovery, the wife kills them both.
  3. After pleading with her fiance—a soldier heading off to war—not to volunteer for any missions, he ignores his wife-to-be's advice, and dies as a result. When she receives a letter telling her of her fiance's bravery, she throws it away.
  4. Arriving after being out-of-town for two weeks, a husband stops by a bar. While there he learns his wife has been cheating on him with both Seth Amos and his best friend Andy. After Andy leaves the bar, the husband decides to kill him, but as he arrives at Andy's house, he discovers Andy is already dead. He fires a gun to draw the attention of a nearby patrol, however they don't believe his story. They arrest him and following a quick trial, he is put to death. The innocent dead man's sister was responsible for the both Andy's murder as well as her brother's wife.
  5. A forty-one year old Brownsville woman is walking around town carrying a suitcase and wearing an old flower. Her hope is that a man she was with when she was younger will return and fulfill a promise he made to marry her.
  6. After being told by some townspeople that she is an unfit mother because of the way she dresses, the woman faces her accusers and one by one points out reasons why none of them are in a position to judge who is unfit.
  7. After spending his life being too busy for his son, a father discovers now his son it too busy for him.
  8. A tough 6' 4" gambler from Chicago notices a woman named Doris during a dice game. Seeing this, Doris's jealous husband beats the gambler severely.
  9. While in jail, a older man tells his cell mate his life story. He used to dance at fairs, and he had a pet dog for fifteen years. Although the dog died twenty years ago, he still deeply feels the loss. Now he dances at bars for drinks, and he is frequently put in jail.
  10. A sightless man attends every football game in the hope his son will have a chance to play. During a game where the father does not attend, his son runs on the field and, impressed with his determination, his teammates rally behind him and they win the game. After the game, the son reveals his father has died.
  11. At the age of two, a boy is upset when his parents bring home his new baby sister and as a result, have less time for him. Sixteen years later he leaves home, and tries to find the love he feels he lost when he was younger.
  12. Lola, a showgirl, and Tony, a bartender, work in the same club and are in love. When Rico tries to put the moves on Lola, Tony fights him, but then Tony is shot and killed by Rico. Thirty years later Lola, now mentally unbalanced, is still in the club, wearing the same clothes and drinking herself into oblivion.
  13. A family traveling from town to town are called names by the local residents. Near Mobile, Alabama the family meets a twenty-one year old man who travels with them to Memphis, Tennessee. During the trip, the sixteen year old daughter becomes pregnant by him. Three months into the pregnancy, the father of the unborn child is nowhere to be found. After the baby is born, the daughter ends up dancing to make money the same way her mother had to do.
  14. While driving at night, a woman picks up a man along the road and takes him to a hotel. After making love, the man wakes up the next morning only to find the woman has already gone. She has left a note asking him not try and find her or see her again. Years later, he sees the woman with a child that resembles him. The woman explains that the man she loves is incapable of fathering a child.
  15. During a blizzard, a horse escapes from his stall and his owner chases after him. Both the woman and her horse die.
  16. After last being seen walking by the river, a woman named Mary disappears. The townspeople believe a man, who moved to town with his mother when he was seven, is responsible. He claims Mary was fine when he left her.
  17. A sixteen year old girl is killed when a train strikes the car she is in while it is stalled on the tracks. Although she and her boyfriend left the car when it stalled, she went back to retrieve her boyfriend's high school ring.
  18. Just before his death in prison, a father tells his ten year old son Tommy that he shouldn't fight and lead the same kind of life he did. Twenty years later, after three men force themselves on Tommy's girlfriend Becky, he beats them severely.
  19. After three years in prison, a man is released. Unsure if the woman he loves will still want him after his incarceration, he sends her a letter with instructions on what to do if she wants to continue the relationship. To his relief, her response indicates she still loves him and wants him in her life.
  20. While traveling cross country, the number of trucks traveling together increase from two trucks just outside San Francisco, California; to 85 trucks in Tulsa, Oklahoma; to one thousand trucks in Chicago, Illinois. During the trip, the truckers are trying to outmaneuver the police.
  21. Growing up with an unusual name causes a causes a boy to resent and hate his father, and he vows to find and kill him. When he does find his father in Gatlinburg , the two get into a violent fight. When his father pulls a gun on him, he explains to his son the reason behind the unusual name was so the son would grow up tough and learn to fight. After an emotional reconciliation, the son appreciates what his dad did but decides not to do the same to his own son.
  22. While sitting around the dinner table, a family talks about news of local boy who committed suicide by jumping off a bridge.
  23. The wife of a police officer is at home with her child. Al Capone and his gang are attempting to take over the city and are at war with the police. After an intense battle, the police are victorious, but rumor is that the victory came at a high cost with many police officers killed. The wife is relieved when her husband arrives home safely.
  24. After finding out his daughter Julie has been with a boy, the father becomes enraged, grabs a gun, and storms out. Julie warns her boyfriend not to come over, but he heads over anyway. When the boyfriend gets there, Julie's father pulls a gun, and Julie is accidentally shot and killed.
  25. A woman who's father was Caucasian and mother was Native American is taunted while she is growing up and finds that she doesn't fit in either world. The family moves frequently, but she still can't find acceptance. After leaving home at nineteen, she has a series of relationships with men.
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